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Striking Gold: Are You Missing Out on the Untapped Wealth in Your Supplier Partnerships?

A few months ago, I have written an article about nightmares and sleepless nights of a purchasing director! With a new year ahead of us, I think it is worthwhile expanding on the importance of partnerships and teamwork in sourcing and why spreadsheet comparisons do not reflect total cost and value.

Small Details, Big Impact 

As we start to slow down for the 2023 festive season, we often overlook the small steps that we do day-in, day-out to improve quality, avoid mistakes, speed up processes etc. with the aim to give better service and value to our customers.
In this edition, we show you that small details matter...​

Why Seeking Transparency is Far More Important and Difficult than You Thought?

As we brace ourselves for the final weeks of the year to ensure that we end on a high note, it is also a good time to reflect on learnings, for instance what is essential for success when sourcing in China.
Here I share a few points - enjoy the reading...

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