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Dive Into the New Age of Technical Sourcing & Manufacturing 

Product Development Acceleration

Success Case – Backflush Controller


  • Old Unit:  LED Technology, Not user friendly, old-fashioned look

  • New Unit: Graphic display, Enhanced functionality, easy to use (intuitive UI) 

  • Fast Time to Market:  12 months


Mission Impossible in Technical Sourcing & Manufacturing Services



  • From a 3D product concept to a unique fan

  • How to manufacture concentric stainless steel rings with dia. 300mm

  • What process methods to use to reach a product manufacturing cost of < U$50!

Versatility in Manufacturing Processes

  • High Performance Injection Molding Tools

  • From complex small technical parts to 700mm housings

  • Competent project managers, fine-tuned processes, professional project documentation

DieCastingLampCover.png (3).jpg
  • State of the art SMT lines

  • Robotic and customized assembly systems

  • High quality die-casting, machining & coating

AutomationSystemDrawing.png (2).jpg
  • Customer Visits & Hosting

    • Invitation Letters for Visas

    • Hotel Bookings

    • Factory Visit Arrangements & Audits

    • Ticket Bookings (Rail, Planes, …)

    • Cultural Events Organisation


Full Customer Experience

Fully Integrated into Your Manufacturing Process

We engineer and manufacture assembly & testing systems that enhance shopfloor productivity and quality


  • Elimination of labour intensive production bottlenecks

  • Machine to machine interconnectivity (Industry 4.0)

  • System monitoring and reporting

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